Questions and Answers

Interesting data:

* There are 47 customs entry points in Mexico.

* The most important entry point is Nuevo Laredo, where there are approximately four thousand daily operations.

* Mexico City Airport is the second most important with approximately 3,000 daily operations between imports and exports.

* Only 10% of shipments are stopped to undergo inspections upon entering Mexico.

Who are Mexican Customs Brokers?

Customs agents should be the first advisers of any business interested in exporting or importing to or from Mexico; they are the facilitators in the field of international trade. It is recommended that for the import or export of any type of merchandise you consult with a Mexicans customs agent to review policies and restrictions before having merchandise at the border.

What are the activities of a Customs Broker?

  • The Mexican customs broker formulates the fiscal declaration, the Pedimento de Importacion (or Exportacion). This document is a fiscal declaration reporting the type of merchandise involved: volume, specifications, cost, buyer, seller, tariff classification of merchandise, among others. It also requires the attachment of any additional documents to comply with restrictions associated with the merchandise.
  • This document determines the contributions (taxes) that must be paid at time of entry.
  • With the value of the merchandise and the amount of the taxes to be paid, (in exports from Mexico the tax is always zero with a few exceptions); the customs brokers makes the payment on behalf of the importer.
  • Once the Pedimento is validated by the government agency and paid, the Mexican customs broker has the merchandise report to the point of entry declared. Every entry presented is declared red o green as soon as the driver presents the merchandise at the point of entry. If the fiscal indicator is green, it is free to proceed to final destination; if it is red, it is subject to customs revision. Red is a random selection process, yet some items are automatic reds determined by the tariff number among other factors.
  • The purpose of these revisions is to confirm that what is established in the documents is what is being presented physically. They review tariff classifications, quantities and if the correct amount of taxes were paid.
  • Customs clearance concludes once the vessel is authorized to leave.

What benefits will I have if I hire Esquivel as my customs broker?

  • Legal security. Esquivel offers its customers the assurance that all taxes and contribution along with non tariff barrier restrictions will be properly met in a timely manner. This includes but is not limited to permits, certificates, labeling requirements, and declarations.
  • Consulting. Esquivel offers consulting advice our clients to help guide them regarding international treaties, tariff classification, regulation compliance and even starting the import process.
  • Logistics. We offer comprehensive services such as packaging, transportation, permits , distribution, facilities suitable for dry and refrigerated merchandise. We provide everything you need for a reliable and worry free door to door international shipments.


What requieres a SAGARPA Inspection Point?

The SAGARPA inspection points are necessary to perform the inspection of all items regulated by SAGARPA as determined by their tariff classification. Generally speaking all products destined for human consumption.

What are the types of SAGARPA Inspection that Santos Esquivel y CIA offers on site?

SENASICA, provides us with two authorization for our facilities in Colombia, N.L.: 

  • Punto de Verificacion e Inspeccion Zoosanitaria para Importacion (For items containing animal products for human  consumption)
  • Punto de Verificacion Internacional en Materia de Sanidad Vegetal (Products of plant origin)

What do I need to have a SAGARGA Inspeccion whith Santos Esquivel and CIA, SC?

In addition to regular documents associated with an import, we only need to be provided with the Meat & Poultry Export Certificate in Original, we take care of the rest.

How long does it take to carry out the crossing with SAGARPA Inspection with Santos Esquivel and CIA?

An import that requires SAGARPA inspection will be carried out on the same day, as long as we have the documents required under normal circumstances.


Esquivel will work with you to comply with any restrictions that apply to your product.

How long does it take for me to receive an estimate?

After we have all the information related to the merchandise in question, you can have a quote in less than 5 hours. The kind of information required varies on the merchandise in question.

What is AMECAFE?

Amecafé (Asociacion Mexicana de la Cadena Productiva del Café A.C.) is a non-profit civil association that brings together all sectors of the coffee chain in Mexico. Amecafé represents Café de Mexico before other national and international entities. It promotes the knowledge and consumption of Café de México and is the executing agency for policies agreed upon in the Comite Nacional del Sistema de Produccion del Café.

Who needs to be a member of AMECAFE?

You need to be a member of AMECAFE to export coffee. Esquivel has the required authorization in AMECAFE to conduct exports for Café de Mexico.

What is an “Operador Economico Autorizado” (OEA)?

OEA is a program that seeks to strengthen the security of the foreign trade logistics chain through the implementation of internationally recognized minimum safety standards in coordination with the private sector. It is closely related and based upon CT-PACT.

What are the modalities and items that can be certified in OEA?

      • VAT and IEPS Modality
        • Item A
        • Item AA
        • Item AAA
      • Modality Trading and Import
      • Modality Authorized Economic Operator
        1. Item Marketing and Import
        2. Item Controller
        3. Item SECIIT
        4. Item Aircraft
        5. Item Textile
        6. Item Strategic Customs Precinct
        7. ItemC-TPAT
      • Modality Commercial Partner
        1. Item Auto Transporter
        2. Item Customs Broker
        3. Item Railway transport
        4. Item Industrial Park
        5. Item Supervised Enclosure
        6. Item Courier Services

What are the benefits of certification in OEA?

The OEA certification in Mexico is the certification that has the most benefits, 46 in total.

The most important benefits are:

  • Preferential lines for the clearance of goods
  • Preference in customs clearance
  • Simpler administrative procedures
  • Padron de importadores (Importers Register) won’t be suspended immediately
  • Mutual recognition among other countries

This program permit us to speed up the crossing of goods, it protects us to a greater extent and the times for the export and the import of shipments is improved, allowing us to raise the level of competitiveness of the participating companies.